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We are open during Corona Lockdown. We are great at remote admin.

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Buy a Used System

With 35+ years of Toshia and a tendancy towards being a packrat, we stock Toshiba back to 1991. If we do not have it, we know friends who do. We lived it then and remember much. We even have used stock of curent models. Toshiba has the reputation for the longest lasting hardware.

Our business is focused on selling, installing, programming, training, servicing phone systems. We do not focus on selling parts to other vendors. Thus inventory is not generally packaged for immediate shipment, but you might get lucky.

We often have brand new virgin equipment that was not sold as it was replaced with a newer model at the same price and did not have the heart to sell it to customers as other dealers do.

At this point in time we have no used Samsung, or ESI available.

Give us a call for no pressure information on used systems.