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Expand a Toshiba system or buy a Refurbished Telphone System

With 35+ years of Toshiba and a tendancy towards being a packrat, we stock Toshiba back to 1991. If we do not have it, we know friends who do. We lived it then and remember much. We even have used stock of curent models. Toshiba has the reputation for the longest lasting hardware.

Our business is focused on selling, installing, programming, training, servicing phone systems. We do not focus on selling parts to other vendors or web sales. Thus inventory is not generally packaged for immediate shipment, but you might get lucky.

The new 2021/2022 e911 laws (Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Law) prevent most used systems from being reinstalled or having and in some cases having a major upgrade. Typically you can expand or have minor upgrades. It is overzellous law when it comes to a company with phones all in one close area that e911 would come to the same door for a e911 call from any phone. The only winners will be the lawyers as this is a hugh liability for companies and vendors.

We can expand your Toshiba or NEC in many cases even with the 2021/2022 new e911 laws. We often have brand new virgin equipment that was not sold as it was replaced with a newer model at the same price and did not have the heart to sell it to customers as other dealers do. We have lots of trade-ins from those upgrading or going out of business. These include the current generation of CIX40, CIX100, CIX200, CIX670, ipedge EP, ipedge EC, ipedge EM. Voices mails such as App Server, MAS, Mini-MAS, XPE16, IES16, IES32, IVP-8r2, IPV-8, Stratagy DK, and even some older units were embarressed to mention. We also have the 90's models the DK series: (dk14, dk16, dk40, dk40i, dk280, dk424, dk424i). NEC is very active and has a migration path for older systems to meet e911 through discounted upgrades.

We will be happy to discuss alternatives to your initial request or idea. We can help you avoid mistakes. Our cards go out with the current firemware levels.

Give us a call for no pressure information on used systems.