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The big names in the SF Bay area in dialtone are AT&T, Telepacific, & Comcast. AT&T and Telepacific are really not your friend We also have a new favorite NEC. They are altrusistic as it is only sold through NEC dealers which sell CLOUD and Premise systems (largest provider in world last 8 years). Give us a call and we can help chose wisely for you and even negotiate a better contract for you.

IS YOUR COPPER PHONE SERVICE GOING AWAY? Move quickly and inexpensively to PSB NEC Internet based dialtone. Month to Month (same price) or term to lock pricing if worried prices going up. Keep your numbers. Free calling. Easy to talk to. Fast response.


The big names in the SF Bay area in internet are Comcast, AT&T, and Telepacific. AT&T and Telepacific are really not your friend. Depending upon your needs and location there usually becomes an obvious winner. Give us a call and we can help you choose wisely and even negotiate a better contract for you.

Over the Top SIP Trunks

Over the top means it uses your general internet pipe for phone system dialtone delivery. SIP Trunks are quickly become the future of dialtone delivery as copper is being priced and not maintained to extinction. Since SIP trunks can be made from free software, someone with a PC, free software, and some phone service can resell SIP trunks. Thus there are many dangerous places to obtain SIP trunks from. There are hundreds of options available that can nickle and dime the price. Many can get by fine on the base packages or close to it.

NEC is our new favorite SIP Trunk Provider

For years NEC SIP trunks were just for NEC customers. As long as the dealer does their own support (like we do) NEC now allows us to sell these for other systems. PSB offers inexpensive gateways that can easily generate classic POTS, PRI to most all systems. SIP Trunks directly to the pbx are still a bleeding edge technology and matching a provider to a pbx for other brands is usually not cost effective for us to offer. Note that fax is tricky (we offer via a POTs gateway) and modems are NOT really supported or advised over anyone's Sip Trunk.

Your internet quality is key to a happyness using SIP Trunks. If your internet pipe is not golden we offer several initial and multi-day tests we run before we offer to provide SIP Trunks.

PSB NEC Sip Trunks Advantages

* Keep your phone numbers or get new ones or both. * Provide new 2021/2022 e911 requirements for e911 responding to more than 1 door, 1 floor, 1 building, 1 address. * NO HIGH PRESSURE SELLING. We are easy going...
* We can get a quick idea if your internet is up to the challenge.
* We can set up new SIP trunks as fast as an hour.
* We can port your existing numbers to your new service.
* When you leave you can have your numbers both original and added.
* We offer month to month service at same price as 3/5yr terms.
* We offer a free portal to auto-route or manually forward any number in your service.
* We have new number banks in most USA area codes for immediate acquistion.
* We can often create temp forwards until your numbers port (typically 15 business days).
* We stock gateways for anybrand POTs service.
* We may have a PRI gateway for you in stock.
* You may pay by credit card automatically, ACH bank transfer, or pay by invoice.
* NEC monitoring can be added to any account.
* Additional DID numbers (direct numbers) just $53 cents each.
* Most purchase unlimited free calling to the 48 states (no you can't spam).
* Billing by NEC.
* Budget $28-31 per Channel/Line per month before taxes. eg 6 lines, 10 numbers $168/mo.
* We can quote instantly but it takes a day or two to find specific town tax estimate.

Feel free to call and get all your questions answered immediately.

We often have staff available even outside of normal business hours.