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Buying a New Phone System

Parker (previously Perfect Phones) has been selling business phone systems for over 35 years. We were exclusive to Toshiba the last 15 years. However, because of being at the wrong time and place in the Toshiba corporate world the Toshiba Telecom Toshiba division was sold off to Mitel. Mitel has taken Toshiba to End of Life.

Interesting enough this put Parker in the same position you are of looking for a new phone system to offer our customers in 2017. Parker researched over a dozen top brands as if we were the customers. Being in the business we knew what to ask and how to find both the strenghts and weaknesses of each brand and platforms within each.

We purchased systems, trained and certified, and became authorized dealers for both sales and service on Samsung, Broadview, ESI, and NEC. After a year or two it became obvious to us that NEC provides the the deep and widest offering, most active development, most stable, treats their dealer partners and customers well, and is more than competitive in price. Therefore we are now going forward with the NEC Family of premise and CLOUD systems.

We believe we now offer the best choice available. Parker is about long term relationships for your Telecom needs. We not only sell it, but we will stand with you to get the best from your system for years to come.

Parker is now authorized, trained, certified, and proud to sell NEC.

Of course we still sell & service our customer base especially our Toshiba customers. With our deep Toshiba inventory and contacts we have lots of New and Refurbished Toshiba to provide for our Toshiba base and customers orphaned by their Toshiba dealer.

35 Years of Telecom Wisdom Available to you

So our owner, MikeL is happy to share his oppinions and no presure sales with you. He lives for this stuff and will happy to chat with you day, night, or weekends if he is available. He is BS Computer Science and although loves the newer VoIP/Cloud models sleeps easier with traditional premise systems as they are bullet proof. His answer is not predetermined, but based on your individual situation. Factors such as your needs, the quality of your internet, cabling, IT-Dept, are big factors in just selecting between CLOUD, Premise-VoIP, or Premise - Digtial/VoIP.

Let us learn your business telecom needs and give you the best choices amoung several of the best brands. This includes traditional digital/VoIP, VoIP only, wireless, and CLOUD. Find out why we chose these brands. Find out why other brands did not atract our attention.

The CLOUD is not really inexpensive !!!

At first glance CLOUD offerings look like the low cost solution. However, you must pay every month forever. With a premise system, once paid you only need to supply dialtone. The premise brands we offer are heavy duty phones with and easy 7-10 year life. Some of our base have used their systems for double that.

Another thing to consider is if your company income fluctuates. Buying a premise system while your in good times and enjoy the lower cost in lean times. We can crunch your specific numbers but here are a few simplistic examples:

Phones OneTime Monthly 3 years 5 years 7 years 10 years
4 Cloud $0 $120 $4,320 $7,200 $10,080 $14,400
4 Premise $2745 $88 $5,913 $8,025 $10,137 $13,305
8 Cloud $0 $240 $8,640 $14,400 $20,160 $28,800
8 Premise $3540 $119 $7,824 $10,680 $13,536 $17,820
24 Cloud $0 $720 $25,920 $43,200 $60,480 $129,600
24 Premise $10,360 $209 $17,884 $22,900 $27,916 $35,440
55 Cloud $0 $1,650 $59,400 $99,000 $138,600 $198,000
55 Premise $18,855 $399 $33,219 $42,795 $52,371 $66,735
100 Cloud $0 $3000 $108,000 $180,000 252,000 $360,000
100 Premise $25,775 $399 $40,139 $49,715 59,291 $73,655

Note that these are examples of minimal solutions. Both CLOUD and Premise solutions can significantly increase from these examples. CLOUD was prices as self-install. Premise was installed turn-key.

CLOUD vs Premise Programming and Support

A CLOUD system is typically a stripped down system built for the masses. Usually it is a self-install job or the CLOUD company finds a low cost local installer who disappears after the install. The Customer is left to programming the system themselves or calling into a minimum wage often foreign call center for help. Most CLOUD center call centers are distributed with a CLOUD representative only familiar with one aspect of the their system. Be prepared for long waits on the phone, multi-day call backs, and having to be transferred between several agents, Oh, and no-one in the call center is familiar with your company or your system design. This leads to minimal design and waisted time explaining yourself over and over again, or fixing one thing to disturb another.

However, obtain your CLOUD from Parker Communications is not just us taking a commision and passing you to the CLOUD sales force. Instead we enhance the typical CLOUD sale by providing you a local sales engineer who will often sell, program, train, and service your system for years to come. Parker also has relationships to negotiate a wider range of options that offered directly. For example, removing the rediculous and sneaky auto-renews that plague are industry.

A premise system is sold and supported by the local authorized dealer. Your dealer is available after the sale to keep your system at its best. If things go bad local service folks knowledgeable about your specific system can come on site to help straighten things out fast. Authorized dealerships require staff to be factory trained and certified, local installation, product quota to guarantee staff has adquate time on the system, factory enforced ethics, and more.